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I have been playing music for around 15 years (mostly the guitar, and a bit of piano in later years), but have consistently disregarded the majority of electronic music due to it requiring “no musical talent”, and that it is “easy to make”. I would now have to amend that statement to “easy to make noises that sound about right - very difficult to create a coherent, mature piece of music”.

Everybody reading this will have at some point experienced the late-night procrastination YouTube binge, bounding from one meaningless video to the next. Well a few days ago, I was doing exactly this, and watching a video of Deadmau5 reviewing music on his Twitch channel. About 3 minutes in to the video something odd struck me. I was really enjoying the music. This caught me off-guard.

This Blog Series

As I began delving into the creation of electronic music, I decided why not write about it? If only I read it, then it can act as a diary, with lots of my ideas and snippets of music to enjoy replaying, and if it can help a few others get into the style, or help with some production tips, then great!

My Setup

When you look around the internet at the various amateur electronic producers/composers, you could easily rack up a shopping list of £10,000+ worth of kit (Native Instruments/Massive/Midi Keyboard/Serum/Logic/Ableton/FL Studio etc.), thinking its necessary to create good music, and at the very least a few hundred with a decent midi keyboard and a piece of recording software. I knew I have a tendency to get a short burst of enthusiasm for these things, then move on, so I decided I wasn’t going to spend any money, just create the best I could with free/trial software, and if it sticks, think about starting to build up a small home studio.


I use Reaper to record, with a free trial (and unlimited use if you click “x” on the license window that pops up). I have been using Reaper for a couple of years, but never really scratched the surface on what was possible.


  • TAL Basslines
  • TAL Noisemaker
  • Ambience
  • Dexed
  • Drum Pro
  • SL 3 Drums
  • ReaSample O Matic 5000

### Samples

  • EDM drum loops
  • Sonic Sample pack

The Music

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